What Does Made Responsibly Mean to Us?


Maintaining the ethics of our company is one of our most important priorities. "Beautiful together," means more to us than bringing unique groups of people together, beautiful together means doing our part to work with nature. We keep our environmental impact low and our community impact high. Finding the balance between eco-friendly decisions and commerce can be tough, but we strive to show new entrapaneurs and established companies alike, that thinking about the environment and the future is not as difficult as we are lead to believe.

For starters, we package as many products in eco-friendly ways as possible, such as paperboard containers instead of plastic. Where paper is not an option, we choose 100% post consumer recycled materials. Because of the nature of cosmetics, sometimes compostable materials are not an option, which is why we work hard to create products that are long lasting reducing overall waste.

We also find it very important to rely on as many local sources for our ingredients as possible. We use beeswax and honey from our own hives, as well as other apiaries (bee keepers) in Savannah. This not only reduces the shipping footprint, it helps support our community, and encourages small, sustainable apiaries, instead of large operations that can often hurt the honey bee population. We source many of our our loofahs from local farms that do not use pesticides on their crops. And, of course, whenever we need ingredients that are not produced locally, we source them from regional suppliers, and products that are grown and produced in the USA.

To us, "Beautiful Together," goes one step beyond the environment, and directly onto your body. Many of our ingredients are organic and even fair trade. The refining process of many materials used in body care often involve a chemical process, which is why we commonly choose raw oils instead of refined goods, maximizing the benefits of our ingredients.


(Above: Frame from one of our honey bee hives)  

Often products marked as natural are not telling the whole picture, our products are ALL natural, all the way down to our fragrances, which are always either essential oils, or organic fragrance oils.

Lastly, we take great pride in the careful production of our products. Our products are handmade, not manufactured. Keeping our waste to a minimum is very important.  In addition, we monitor our temperatures, ensuring you get the most from the high quality ingredients of these lovely cosmetics. So often the ingredients get cooked in the manufacturing process, and although they may use high quality raw goods, most of the benefits are lost in the process. We feel it is in your best interest and ours to create products that are fresh, natural, and full of nourishing qualities.






All Natural
Hand Made
Sustainable Packaging
Regional Ingredients
Conscious Production


Raw and Organic Ingredients        No Sulfates, Parabens or Petroleum
No Artificial Colors
Nourishing Ingredients
No Artificial Colors


Locally Sourced ingredients
Responsible Bee Keeping
Eco-nomical for Families
Community Involvement
Encourage people to look and feel their best, be unique and safe!