Bathing With A Lotion Bar????

Okay Okay Okay!!! I learn so much from our customers! What seems to be a mistake always ends up making a great concept to many uses for our products. LOL So many customers think that our lotion bars are soap for some reason. Maybe it's the packaging, i'm not sure.


Alright so after hearing so many customer's confusion on how to use the bar, I thought to myself ok i'm going to try this in the shower like they are doing. To my surprise they were right! This was such and enjoyable experience. My skin has never felt so soft and silky ever. 

The initial application of using this in the shower was a weird feeling. When we hop in the shower we are used to lathering up and that stripping feeling from the soap makes us feel like we are clean.  So after I washed up I took the lotion bar and placed it in my washcloth like i would if I were trying to make a lather. After my washcloth was saturated with the moisturizers from the lotion bar I applied it to my body, just like I would if it were soap.  

OMG I felt awful! I felt waxy and sticky and the tub felt coated like it was going to take a long time to clean afterwards. So I got out the tub and the access water kind of just beaded up on my body like i was covered in a water repellent or something. So I used my drying towel to dry the rest of my body and to my surprise my skin felt amazing. The waxy sticky feeling went a way and my skin was so soft and smooth. I couldn't believe it! 

The lotion bar acted as a skin conditioner. My skin is still soft the next day and I smell amazing from the essential oils that are in the bar. I think that I am going to make this apart of my nightly beauty regiment before bed.  

Thanks to all of the customers out there who were using this lotion bar the wrong way! This is a very innovative way to use lotion!

Try our soaps as an added bonus to your beauty regiment!

Try our soaps as an added bonus to your beauty regiment!

Enhance the Beauty of Your Eyes

Enhance the Beauty of Your Eyes


At Kainat Josephine' we believe in creating products that absolutely achieve goals without using chemicals to aid in it's glory.    

We have created an Under Eye Brightener! Eye Live!

  • Reduces the look of tired eyes
  • Removes Dark Circles
  • Reduces Fine Lines
  • Adds moisture to the skin around the eyes
  • Reduces Puffiness

Directions:Use product twice daily under the eye and on fine lines, morning and night. You should start seeing results within 8-10 weeks with consistent use. For external use only!

~Check out some of the Ingredients in our "Eye Live" and their Benfits Below~

Did You Know That Chamomile Is A Natural Lightener?

Chamomile is a flower. It can be identified by it's white pedals. Chamomile is used in a lot of products because of it's many healthy benefits. Chamomile has special benefits for the skin. It is a natural skin lightener. It brightens the complexion of the skin giving it a healthy glow. It also reduces puffiness, and helps heal radicals of the skin like fine lines and wrinkles.

Did You Know That Raw Honey Has Anti Aging Factors?

Its use in treatment of wrinkles and fine lines caused due to aging and environmental factors is popular. Its anti-aging property of attracting and retaining


moisture reduces the appearances of wrinkles, by keeping the skin hydrated without causing oiliness. It is known to increase production of collagen fibers and improving skin elasticity, thereby assisting cell regeneration for a more youthful looking skin. This information came from the Buzzle. Read more at Buzzle:

Did You Know Beeswax contains Vitamin A?

Beeswax offers anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. On the skin it acts as a sealant and humectant. Beeswax is used to soften the skin and also contains vitamin A.

Other ingredients are Castor Oil and Shea Butter! Both beneficial for healthy glowing skin!