Stylist, Chanliza Maire

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Chanliza Maire, Professional Stylist at Simple Cutz in Fairmont, West Virginia found it easy to use Kainat Josephine' All Purpose Moisturizer on her client.


It helped moisturize the hair as she performed a blow out style on her client's hair. For more information about her styling techniques you can message her on Facebook as Chanliza Maire. You can also find her at "Simple Cutz Barber and Beauty Shop" in Fairmont, West Virginia. Shop number 304-363-cutz (2889).

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Chanliza's work
Chanliza's work

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Dumpy Duchess Product Review

Blogger Review

We always find interesting people, who write product reviews on us. Some are experienced, some are fun, and some have no clue how to do a review. Miss Dumpy Duchess has an enjoyable writing technique, that keeps her viewers at the edge of their seats, waiting to see what she will post next. She tried our product and this what she had to say enjoy! (click the link to view)



Dumpy Duchess

Braiding With Ease!

Braiding With Ease!

Hello everyone! If you know like I know sometimes braiding can become a pain. Not only for the customer but for our fingers as well. How many of you experience your skin peeling at the cuticle, or often getting calluses? I know it's a pain sometimes dealing with braids. Kai-jo products is good for the hair and the skin, so therefore when you are braiding it helps eliminate some of that pain us "braiders" get to the skin.


Kai-jo also helps with gathering all of those stray away hairs into a uniformed clean look. Leaving the hair shiny and polished. It's a lot better than using those harsh gels that dry the scalp and hardens the hair and can cause breakage or damage. Try yours today! We also have samples available if you don't want to buy the full jar just yet.


Whole Foods Market

Please To Announce:

WholeFoods Announcement

We've been working really hard to get our products properly assembled to sell to stores that are well known. We have accomplished that goal! We are pleased to announce that our products will be available at Whole Foods Market in Savannah Georgia. Our sandalwood fragrance will no longer be available online, but will be exclusively sold at Whole Foods. The guidelines for shelf approval for Whole Foods is proof positive that our products are 100% natural.

The address to the store in Savannah is 1815 East Victory, Savannah GA, 31406.

Hope to see you there!