The Shampoo Bar Craze

People everywhere, once again are revisiting the benefits of shampoo bars. Shampoo as we think of it today was largley the result of a desire to improve the lather in shampoo. This was one of the major pushes to create Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS), a chemical in many bath and body products from shampoo, to toothpaste, to sunscreen. Much debate has turned up over this chemical that has a way of slipping into many products, even those that suggest they are natural. Whether you agree with the dangerous allegations of SLS, the one indisputable fact is that SLS is anything but natural. In fact, around the same time SLS began to creep into our body care, conditioner became popular because our hair was being stripped of its natural oils from the harshness of our new and “improved” shampoos.


This is one of the beautiful benefits of shampoo bars. They are created with added moisturizer already in the bar so your hair is moisturized as it is cleaned. Many people find they no longer need conditioner once they switch.

Which brings us to the other great benefit of shampoo bars, money. Finding all natural shampoo can be difficult, not to mention expensive. With shampoo bars you are spending less to do more for your hair, plus you may stop buying conditioners all together.

Some Tips:

Lather bar in your hand, or directly on the hair. You can also mix it with water (2 or 3 water to 1 soap is recommended).

Because often our water is slightly acid, some find a vinegar rinse is beneficial. MIx 1 part white vinegar or apple cider vinegar to 3 parts water and rinse. I recommend this step while transitioning to the all natural bar. The vinegar smell dissipated fairly quickly.

Also, keep in mind it takes time to see results when switching from any shampoo to another. That is because it take a few washes to remove residues left from the old shampoo in order for the new shampoo to fully function.

As always, good hair starts with good health. The best way to improve hair health is by drinking lots of water, and eating a balanced diet. Start from the inside first, then work from the outside.

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What's in a Balm

Benefits of our Moisturizers

Natural ingredients make for incredible benefits! Check out our all star cast of moisturizers and essential oils and what they can do for your skin and hair!


Wax locks in moisture and helps keep skin firm and plump. Beeswax may be applied to minor burns or other skin damage in order to help the skin heal. Honey has antibacterial properties that prevent infection in minor abrasions.

Honey not only attracts water but it helps absorb and retain it on hair and skin.

Shea Butter

Shea Butter soothes an irritated scalp without clogging pores. It softens hard and brittle hair without leaving hair greasy or heavy, and it acts as a thermal protector by coating the hair and deflecting heat tool damage. Shea butter can also naturally shield hair from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.


Lanolin absorbs moisture from the air around it rejuvenating dry skin tissue and relieving the pain and cracking of dry skin. When massaged into hair, it provides a softness to otherwise unmanageable hair.


• Helpful for the treatment of hair loss • Calming scent


• Soothes the skin and aids in healing

• Good as an antiseptic agent, and a disinfectant

• Soothing relief from inflammation and irritation

• Keeps you feeling fresh and cool


• Antiseptic and antibiotic properties

• Diminishes scars, marks and spots on skin

• Protects cuts and scrapes against infection

• Anti-allergenic and helpful in removing toxins


**This information has not been evaluated by the FDA. This document is for educational purposes only. Consult a doctor for medical advise.