Endings are New Beginnings

Okay Everyone, So let me introduce myself. My name is Khiara Washington. Growing up my family called me "Khi-Khi" and as I got older they dropped one of the "Khis" and now I just go by Khi (Kai).  I was raised in an environment that was really inspirational. My parents always spoke great things into my life, so i'm like a walking "Inspirational Quote" at all times lol. 

I've been in the hair care business since a child. My family from siblings, cousins, parents, aunts, and community pretty much groomed my talent. As a child my parents would buy me the barbie doll heads with hair accessories, and my friends and family would come over to let me do their hair. I was born pretty much knowing where my talent would lead me.

So after I graduated high school I was so burnt out with doing hair. I did not want to go to beauty school, I wanted to study something else. I felt like that's all people thought of me was "Hair" I wanted to prove that I was more than just a self made stylist.

When I attended college I took a bunch of classes that didn't really compliment me, my talent, my personality, or my destiny. I still kept attending because that's what your taught to do. You're taught to get out of high school and go to college. 

With such mental programming it's hard to really determine what's right for you as person, and what society says is the best career path you should be going down to be successful. 

Towards my 2nd year of attending college unexpectedly some issues happened with my funding and I wasn't able to attend any longer. Feeling confused, dismayed, and frustrated I had no clue what to do next with my life. It seemed like from that point everything that I did crumbled in my face. Every door closed! I felt like I was at the very bottom of life as I seen it.

My parents were in Savannah, so since everything was shutting on me I decided this would be a great opportunity to move to another location and see what life has to offer somewhere else. So I started my journey to Savannah Ga. I spent a month searching for employment and trying to discover who I am and what I have to offer the world. Living on a blank canvas I decided this is the best time to be who I wanted to be and who I was designed to be. 

I decided to go to beauty school. Everything about my being is bundled up into a creative ball of fashion, beauty, and wanting to give back to the community. As soon as I applied for school it seems like everything started falling into place. I found a job that worked around my school schedule and I was making enough money to cover my classes and materials. Also at the job I met my business partner. Who knew that we would even be friends from such different interest and backgrounds. We developed a product line and have been really great friends and business partners ever since. This is called when destiny meets opportunity.

Although life can have it's difficult times, I believe the toughest times in life are preparing you for the biggest experience that you have ever seen happen. When things are so bad that everything is just blank (meaning your mind, spirit, self worth) is the perfect time to begin a new story. Some people like to call it devastation, destruction, at a stand still, a hiatus, failure, the end. I like to call it a new beginning.

Experiencing that "emptiness feeling" is erasing the old and getting you ready for the new. If you are experiencing that right now. Know that you are an instrument that is being groomed to lead something that's bigger than you. Stay encouraged and embrace your new beginning!