The Eye Shadow Craze!

Living in this era of time, a lot of us think that we are the innovative creators of such expressions of fashion and beauty.  We are not! Cosmetics and fashion have been around as early as 10,000 B.C.  When we look back in time, we assume that the people in those times had no since of fashion. We are wrong! They are the creators of fashion! From jewelry making, to using henna and dyes on the hair and skin to create bold looks. They also created perfumes out of oils to mask body odors.

After studying the history of cosmetics and of people, I realized that it is a human desire to look good, smell good, and have some sense of independent expressions of who we are.  We like to stand out amongst the crowd.

We learn that history repeats itself over and over. Every cycle of repetition becomes bolder and better. As time moves a long we have more freedom and liberty to show people what we are about. We tend to show our spirits through our outer appearance.

What better way to show our creativity than through our eyes! Our eyes tell a story. You can learn a lot about a person by looking into there eyes. During conversations that is what we tend to look at to ensure quality information or to make a connection.  

Make up isn't used to cover your natural beauty. It is used as an expression. It is used to enhance a particular part of the body.  If you are reading a book and want to remember a certain sentence, you are going to use a highlighter to cause that important information to stand out. You are not hiding it. You are making it bolder than the rest of the sentences, so that it is easier to find through all the words in the paragraph. That is how we should use make up. To highlight our importance not to cover it up.

Being in the beauty industry and a developer of beauty products it is our job as a company to provide you with safe cosmetics to apply. We don't only want you to be beautiful, but we want you to be safe as well.  Our eye shadows are made from mica minerals and don't contain any hazardous dyes or artificial colors. A great way to look beautiful and to be healthy! 

Everyone who has tried our eye shadow can't compare it to any other eye shadows on the market! This eye shadow was created with mica minerals therefore it has no artificial colors or dyes! 

Everyone who has tried our eye shadow can't compare it to any other eye shadows on the market! This eye shadow was created with mica minerals therefore it has no artificial colors or dyes! 

The Shampoo Bar Craze

People everywhere, once again are revisiting the benefits of shampoo bars. Shampoo as we think of it today was largley the result of a desire to improve the lather in shampoo. This was one of the major pushes to create Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS), a chemical in many bath and body products from shampoo, to toothpaste, to sunscreen. Much debate has turned up over this chemical that has a way of slipping into many products, even those that suggest they are natural. Whether you agree with the dangerous allegations of SLS, the one indisputable fact is that SLS is anything but natural. In fact, around the same time SLS began to creep into our body care, conditioner became popular because our hair was being stripped of its natural oils from the harshness of our new and “improved” shampoos.


This is one of the beautiful benefits of shampoo bars. They are created with added moisturizer already in the bar so your hair is moisturized as it is cleaned. Many people find they no longer need conditioner once they switch.

Which brings us to the other great benefit of shampoo bars, money. Finding all natural shampoo can be difficult, not to mention expensive. With shampoo bars you are spending less to do more for your hair, plus you may stop buying conditioners all together.

Some Tips:

Lather bar in your hand, or directly on the hair. You can also mix it with water (2 or 3 water to 1 soap is recommended).

Because often our water is slightly acid, some find a vinegar rinse is beneficial. MIx 1 part white vinegar or apple cider vinegar to 3 parts water and rinse. I recommend this step while transitioning to the all natural bar. The vinegar smell dissipated fairly quickly.

Also, keep in mind it takes time to see results when switching from any shampoo to another. That is because it take a few washes to remove residues left from the old shampoo in order for the new shampoo to fully function.

As always, good hair starts with good health. The best way to improve hair health is by drinking lots of water, and eating a balanced diet. Start from the inside first, then work from the outside.

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New name and new brand

Welcome to the new Kai-Jo

Welcome to Kainat Josephiné Products LLC. We are pleased to announce our new name and our new brand to you. You may have remembered us by the name of Khijo Products. We are still Khijo just spelled Kai-jo for an abbreviation of Kainat Josephiné. Our line is growing, and maturing, and our business concepts are broadened by what we have learned from the community and spiritual intuition. We believe that when you listen to the community, it will reveal to you what is needed to grow any business, if you are ethically operating. Thank you so much for supporting us! Let us know what you think about our new image!