The Eye Shadow Craze!

Living in this era of time, a lot of us think that we are the innovative creators of such expressions of fashion and beauty.  We are not! Cosmetics and fashion have been around as early as 10,000 B.C.  When we look back in time, we assume that the people in those times had no since of fashion. We are wrong! They are the creators of fashion! From jewelry making, to using henna and dyes on the hair and skin to create bold looks. They also created perfumes out of oils to mask body odors.

After studying the history of cosmetics and of people, I realized that it is a human desire to look good, smell good, and have some sense of independent expressions of who we are.  We like to stand out amongst the crowd.

We learn that history repeats itself over and over. Every cycle of repetition becomes bolder and better. As time moves a long we have more freedom and liberty to show people what we are about. We tend to show our spirits through our outer appearance.

What better way to show our creativity than through our eyes! Our eyes tell a story. You can learn a lot about a person by looking into there eyes. During conversations that is what we tend to look at to ensure quality information or to make a connection.  

Make up isn't used to cover your natural beauty. It is used as an expression. It is used to enhance a particular part of the body.  If you are reading a book and want to remember a certain sentence, you are going to use a highlighter to cause that important information to stand out. You are not hiding it. You are making it bolder than the rest of the sentences, so that it is easier to find through all the words in the paragraph. That is how we should use make up. To highlight our importance not to cover it up.

Being in the beauty industry and a developer of beauty products it is our job as a company to provide you with safe cosmetics to apply. We don't only want you to be beautiful, but we want you to be safe as well.  Our eye shadows are made from mica minerals and don't contain any hazardous dyes or artificial colors. A great way to look beautiful and to be healthy! 

Everyone who has tried our eye shadow can't compare it to any other eye shadows on the market! This eye shadow was created with mica minerals therefore it has no artificial colors or dyes! 

Everyone who has tried our eye shadow can't compare it to any other eye shadows on the market! This eye shadow was created with mica minerals therefore it has no artificial colors or dyes! 

Loving Your Feet Again!

Loving Your Feet Again!

I wanted to take the time out to talk about feet!!! Yes, Feet! A part of the body that is very necessary to have to be mobile, but despised by many. Why do we hate our feet? Is it because they touch the ground which is associated with being filthy? Or are you embarrassed about the way they look? Well today I want to encourage you to love your feet! Go out and get a pedicure, a massage, but mostly lets keep our feet moisturized with Kainat Josephine's All Purpose Moisturizer. I have seen our cream work wonders on the feet especially my very own. Are you tired of getting your heels sanded for them to return hard and crusty again? Well our product conceals the moisture into your feet to keep them soft and beautiful.



Fall Season

Get Ready for Fall 

5H7A4194Are you all ready for the Fall? The autumn leaves, the cool air. I know my team is ready. We have the right products for you entering into the new season. At times during a seasonal change our skin can become very dry from the humidity percentage dropping. As the cold weather begins to take place, our skin can often react by cracking, peeling, or intense dryness. Be proactive this year! Our product line is packed with natural ingredients and humectants to seal in the moisture and to keep your skin baby soft and lips kissable. Our honey comes straight from the comb with anti aging benefits to keep your skin looking healthy and young. No harsh ingredients! We work hard for you!  5H7A4156

Dumpy Duchess Product Review

Blogger Review

We always find interesting people, who write product reviews on us. Some are experienced, some are fun, and some have no clue how to do a review. Miss Dumpy Duchess has an enjoyable writing technique, that keeps her viewers at the edge of their seats, waiting to see what she will post next. She tried our product and this what she had to say enjoy! (click the link to view)



Dumpy Duchess

Whole Foods Market

Please To Announce:

WholeFoods Announcement

We've been working really hard to get our products properly assembled to sell to stores that are well known. We have accomplished that goal! We are pleased to announce that our products will be available at Whole Foods Market in Savannah Georgia. Our sandalwood fragrance will no longer be available online, but will be exclusively sold at Whole Foods. The guidelines for shelf approval for Whole Foods is proof positive that our products are 100% natural.

The address to the store in Savannah is 1815 East Victory, Savannah GA, 31406.

Hope to see you there!

New name and new brand

Welcome to the new Kai-Jo

Welcome to Kainat Josephiné Products LLC. We are pleased to announce our new name and our new brand to you. You may have remembered us by the name of Khijo Products. We are still Khijo just spelled Kai-jo for an abbreviation of Kainat Josephiné. Our line is growing, and maturing, and our business concepts are broadened by what we have learned from the community and spiritual intuition. We believe that when you listen to the community, it will reveal to you what is needed to grow any business, if you are ethically operating. Thank you so much for supporting us! Let us know what you think about our new image!

Try a pre-poo

Try a pre-poo

IMG_1761Are you suffering from dry and dull hair? Try our Wax Free Cream as an hot oil treatment or some of you may like to call it a "pre-poo". All you have to do is warm the cream up into an liquid from and apply it to the hair (all over). Place a plastic/shower cap over the hair to keep the product from running. Sit under the dryer for about 15 minutes, shampoo, blot dry or blow dry, style as desired! The results are amazing!