Get More Negative

Time to get more negative. That’s right, scientist and health professionals alike have promoted the health benefits of breathing negative ions for quite some time. Negative ions occur when a particle produces enough energy to gain an electron. The air is already charged with positive and negative ions, but the “best” air should settle in at a ration of around 1.2 negative ions to 1 positive ion.

As industrialization and urbanization grows humans find themselves in environments with less negative ions than before. This can take a real toll on our health. Negative ions main contribution is they help clear the air of airborne allergens such as bacteria and pollen, but it goes even deeper than that!

dude in mountain


Here are some benefits to being around negative ions

Better mood

Pain relief

Improved attention span

More energy

Strengthens immune system

Stress relief


Best ways to get charged up

Take a walk outside, especially near a park or stream

Take a shower, running water is one of the best sources

Go somewhere remote like a state park

Spend some time in the mountains

Exercise outdoors

Open a window

Get a water fountain, live plants or salt lamp

state parks

State parks are a wonderful way to enrich your health. Most parks offer a few days a year or even one day a week with free entry. Plus you can check out a parks pass at your local library, so it doesn’t need to cost a penny (although most park fees are modestly priced). An added benefit is being outside in natural is shown to view your body in a more positive way. 


Things that block negative ions

Enclosed spaces, especially with many people

Smog, dust or smoke

Electronics such as TV’s (turn off your electronics at night, even the wifi)

Densely populated areas