Beautiful Together Spotlight, JessicaSezz

We recently came across Jessica's social media work and were blown away. Her videos are so well done and visually appealing, we just had to know more! You simply have to check out this talented, motivated, inspiring and beautiful woman.

A Bit About JessicaSezz

I am a 25-year-old scientist, foodie, and makeup enthusiast from Atlanta, GA. I am inspired by all things creative. I recently gained more interest in makeup artistry as a creative outlet and a medium for applying my former training in studio art (I studied visual arts in high school as well as in college as a Studio Art minor). With this new venture has also come my interest in photography, cinematography, and special effects—areas that I plan to explore soon! However, my full-time duties involve my graduate studies as a Biomedical Science Ph.D. student. While I was a Biopsychology major in undergrad (another term for Behavioral Neuroscience), my current work involves research on the cellular and molecular biology of the bone. With both science and art being my passions of mine, I hope to merge the two and connect others with the idea of exploring the “beauty of science” over the years. I am excited to continue this journey and ready to take on new challenges!


Social: @jessicasezz on IG and Twitter (my social media handle started on Twitter as a play on the words “Jessica Says”)

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