Beautiful Together Spotlight Holistic Health Coach, Sophia Rowe

Introducing Health and Holism

We are delighted to introduce you to Sophia Rowe, a holistic health coach, focused on food and fitness approach to lifestyle changes. She's given us a few bits of advice to get you going, but her webpage is loaded with great articles, advice and programs.

Everyday Habits That Help You Stay Healthier

You should optimise your health in whatever you do because good health is the key to virtually every other activity in life. Despite how tight your schedule is or how busy you are, you shouldn’t compromise your health. Therefore, there is the need for some daily activities that should be your habits to help you maintain good health. 

Healthy lifestyle habits can help you fight ageing, keep your memory in good working condition, maintain good cardiovascular health and improve your health in general. Here are some things that should become part of you if you want to stay healthier.

Quit Destructive Intake

Virtually everyone knows how bad smoking works on their body system, yet some fail to stop smoking. Evidence has it that you can start improving your health the moment you quit smoking because it is never too late to make a change, although a stitch in time saves nine. Also, abusive use of drugs and drinking toxic alcohols can be detrimental to the human health. When you put a stop to all these, you will certainly experience a healthier living.

Proper Tooth and Gum Care

While some people may neglect this habit, others who know how large a role it plays in the human health will not despise it. Your dental health impacts a lot on overall health, even gum diseases have the potential of triggering heart problems. Consequently, you should brush at least two times daily and ensure you keep the teeth and gum health, also do well to visit the dentist in the case of any tooth problem.

Enough Exercise and Rest

When you are physically fit, the chances are that you will also be mentally fit because the both go together. People who engage in proper exercise stay healthy and maintain a high cognitive level even during their 70’s and 80’s; this is in addition to the weight loss and maintenance that comes with younger age. While some people lay more emphasis on exercise, they tend to forget the need for proper rest. No matter how busy you may be, it is a health-improving idea to catch enough rest during the night and sometimes in the day. A good night sleep is not a luxury, but necessary for good emotional and physical health.

Proper nutrition and Hydration

Good food is vital for every human being, and when you make this a habit, you will certainly see how large a role it plays in your health. You should cut down on the intakes of junk foods and focus on low carb foods that are also nutritious. Eating nuts and chocolates are good while you add more veggies to your meals. More importantly, do not compromise your water intake. The British Nutrition Foundation advocates that women drink at least 1.6 litres of water while men drink about 2 litres every day, this may be more if you engage in an energy consuming activity. In as much as you work towards staying hydrated, it is important not to be over hydrated, as it may deteriorate to another health problem.

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