Beautiful Together Spotlight: Jotwyla Moore

Beautiful Together Spotlight

Jotwyla Moore: Paying it forward by empowering others

Jotwyla is a positive and inspiring role model. Through her professional and spiritual life, she has discovered that she has the power an ability to share her wisdom and empowerment with others. As an assistant pastor and an author, she teaches us how to recognize our gifts and fortunes so that we can not only be grateful, but share it with others. Here is a small piece of her story:

My favorite saying is “Live, Laugh, Love”.  I believe that we are all here on purpose and that we should live with intentions of fulfilling what we are on earth to do.  While I have been around long enough to know that each journey brings its share of heart break and disappointment, it is my belief that as we move along the path that God carved out for us we should concentrate on the laughter and not the things that make us sad. Love stands in a category by itself for it is the greatest force in heaven and earth. It propels us forward to our greatest success and showers our lives with abundance.  

Keeping these things in mind, we cannot thrive without acknowledging the connection that we have with other people.  I am aware that none of my success has come on my own, but through a systematic process filled with many contributors.  

Empowering another person provides them the ability to reach their own success.  It is about building someone else, which in turns contours your life.

I am fortunate enough to be in the position now to empower in various ways.  As the president of Reliable Systems Inc. I provide jobs with work that is extremely relevant.  Our work for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) provides significant data that makes a difference in everyday life and potentially our future lives.  As the Assistant Pastor at Restoring Life Ministries, I can share the love of God through the spoken word, prayer, counseling and fellowship.  It’s an amazing thing to touch the lives of young and old and see people transform in front of you.  

My newest role is as an author of several books.  I am an avid reader and know that reading can be an escape, but it is also a tool.  

My first book is a daily devotional entitled, Even on Mondays?  It provides 31 days of inspiration to push us to the next level of thinking and doing.  My second book is a Personal Guide to Living Lives without Doubt entitled, A Certain Woman.  This book provides life giving truths that will eliminate the wavering and instability in the mind and authorize you to pursue the promises over your life.  

My newest book, The Encounter, is written in story form and is exhilarating to read.  You won’t be able to put it down! It’s a Christian fiction based on true stories from the bible about women who were troubled, in despair, overwhelmed, and in need but had the encounter that transformed their lives forever.  

I believe that I have experienced the favor of God on multiple levels.  Because I know there is no way I could have accomplished the things I have without God’s day to day intervention in my life. However, I know that I am no different than anyone else.  I am just a woman who believed what God said about me. 

I am sharing the gift of words in hopes that I can reach women outside of my geographical areas with the love, hope, and laughter that they need to live their lives “on purpose”. 

I am thankful for the prayers of many ancestors who prayed to the Almighty God to bless their offspring with the opportunities they did not have.  I am also grateful for my parents who loved me without condition and worked hard to give me what I needed and a great bit of what I asked for.  My extended family granted me experiences in learning to get along with a large variety of people who did not always think the same as me.  I am appreciative of my pastors who taught me the Word of God and its importance.  My relationship with my husband has taught me that compromise betters a relationship and that two people working together can build a life from a dream.  Finally, my children have shown me that I am able to love far beyond the measure I thought I was capable of and allow me to consider the future with hope. 

All these people have molded me into the women I am today, a woman who is certain that giving and sharing is the way to complete happiness.  I feel the most accomplished not when I am giving of my substance, but when I am giving from a deeper place, my heart.