Our Story

katy jo and khi

Our story is a little different than most. Instead of beginning with an idea and a business plan, Kainat seemed to show up and speak to us. After the development of our first product which is now our all natural styling wax, events and people seemed to show up like bread crumbs on a trail leading us forward. We would discuss a new product we wanted to make and out of the blue we would find someone asking for that exact item. When we found ourselves seeking a next move, we learned to listen to the universe for guidance, it has everything you need.

One of the most inspiring aspects of our journey was seeing how Kainat could bring people together. The energy that was used to create the company, bringing two people of different backgrounds and ethnicities together for a common purpose was reflected in our customer base. Our customers represent a unique group of people from diverse backgrounds that all share a common interest in making healthy choices for themselves and supporting responsible business.

We began with just one product that served multiple functions and slowly added a couple more like our lip balm and eye cream. Although the products were widely popular and effective, we certainly had a lot to learn in marketing and distribution. We were gifted a blessing early on in our development by being picked up by a local whole foods market.

whole foods

Unfortunately, we were brought into the store when we were so new, we had a lot of work to do to get the word out. It was in the process that we started to get to know who we really were as individuals and that gave us the chance to let that shine through our company as well.

Our next step was booking craft and trade shows all over the southeast. We spent about 4 years getting the word out and introducing communities to the Kainat Beauty brand.

craft show and farmers market

The process was tons of work and a lot of trial and error, but we began to see repeat business, got direct feedback and continued to refine our line. We added the fun line of natural color cosmetics and also a variety of facial soaps. We also started manufacturing private label products for other companies. Even though we had a vision of where our company would go, letting the process lead us and listening to the universe helped us be open to what the company needed.

We are very fortunate to be running our online shop, selling wholesale to retail stores and continuing our private label production. The most exciting part is continuing to get direct feedback from customers about how our products have changed their lives, from clearing up skin issues, to giving them a choice to wear natural color cosmetics. You can read more reviews here.

As we continue to run our line, we also continue to emphasize bringing people together, practice earth care and people care through our conscious ingredients and packaging, and inspiring people to be the best versions of themselves. Kainat means creation. We all have the power to create. We would love to see you bring your gifts to the world, it is waiting for you.