Manifesting Your Vision

Law of Attraction

By now many of you have heard of the law of attraction or witnessed it first hand. The basic understanding is what you put energy into, you attract. This is especially true and more direct when we learn to use intention as a tool. As we study meditation, prayer and intention based modalities, we learn that intention and visualization is very powerful in deepening what we are asking. 


What's a Vision Board?

Our favorite tool to promote as a highly effective and fun way to add intention to your conscious desires is by way of a vision board. A vision board involves visualizing your goal or desire and then compiling images, symbols or poems that emphasize the energy you are seeking. This could mean something you want to do, how you want your life to look or even who you want to be.

The reason vision boards are so effective is they give you the opportunity to come back to your goal every day, or even throughout the day. They help you get clarity on your vision, keep your attention on it and act as a tool for a daily reminder.

How to Make a Vision Board

The first step is foundational and powerful. You first must narrowing down what you are yearning for and give it clarity so that it becomes a more achievable goal, the more specific the better. Once you find clarity you can use a number of methods to express your goal in the form of a vision board. For instance, many people like to grab old magazines and make a collage of items that fit their vision. I recommend using a white board or a cork board for convenience and flexibility. You can also write or print out your intentions to post on your board. It is especially powerful to write statements claiming your goal as if it already happened. For instance, “I enjoy feeling at peace with myself,” or “I love my dream home by the ocean.”


Although there is a lot of power in physically finding and organizing your components in this way, vision boards may be in many forms. You could create your vision in a painting, for instance. One of my personal favorites is using Pinterest. It is too easy to scroll through and find images that speak to you and your dream. Make a folder as your vision board! You can make it public or private and you can look at it throughout the day as a regular affirmation. 


We invite you to give it a try! Perhaps start with a small and manageable goal so that you can get your feet we and see where it takes you. What is it you have been wanting to do, see or be?