Introducing Elegant and Dapper

     We wanted to take a moment to shine a business spotlight on an entrepreneur we were recently introduced to. Katii is from New Braunfels, Texas. She saw a need in her community for natural hair and body care products and we are so excited to be able to be part of her project. She currently has an online store but aims to eventually have a brick and mortar shop as well. Here is a little bit about her story. is a hair and skin care site for men, women, and children. Being natural is not an easy task. I found that many products that were on the market were not necessarily being represented in my local stores. I did not have a beauty supply store in the area without having to drive 15 to 45 miles outside of my city, so I decided to start Elegant and Dapper. My goals are to provide quality products and to make sure men were included when it came to hair care and skin care. My husband would ask about the shampoos and conditioners and why I had different ones and I felt that if he was asking, how did other men decide on what to use. I saw that men were just as unrepresented as naturals are. 

The road blocks I had in the beginning were finding vendors and distribution companies that would work with me. I found that by keeping a positive outlook, that everything will come together, has kept me going and led me to some phenomenal people plus their product lines. I believe slowly building up this business and becoming a trusted source in my community and providing solid information is the key to anyone’s success.

elegant and dapper

Thank you to Katii for sharing her story and stepping out there and meeting the needs of your community. You can find her products and more info at