Welcome to Kainat Beauty 3.0

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We are so pleased to introduce you to the new Kainat Beauty. We have been working on this project for quite some time and are filled with gratituted that we are now seeing it come to fruition. 
So, what's new? The look! We really wanted to get back to our original message of bringing people together and inspiring creation, but we did not want to forget about our story and where we came from. After careful thought, we bring you Kainat 3.0. It includes a slight change in our logo, different packaging and a few recipe changes. 
Do you know what Kainat means? It means universal beauty, it means the power to create! We all have giftings and talents inside of us waiting to be seen or used by the world. Don't let negative energy like fear, limitations, lack of resources or old paradigms stop you from living in the abundance of life! We are all beautiful together when we offer ourselves for the good of the community!
Over the next few months, you will see us move from the bee themed packaging and red logo, to a cleaner logo, and hexagon themes. We feel the hexagon points to our beginnings, but has a bigger connotation of unity, creation and nature. 
In addition to our new look, we are pleased to announce a few recipe changes. Our Healthy Scalp and Hair Growth drops have the same great recipe, but the addition of Jamaican Black Castor Oil. Black castor oil has so many wonderful benefits especially for hair that it is a natural addition to the beneficial recipe. 
We also have made slight changes to our lip color products. You might find our lip gloss is just a bit different, and it's true. It still has great moisturizing properties, and the castor oil that gives it that glossy glide, but we have lightened the recipe a bit. The new gloss will be light and glossy, but you will probably find it also has a bit more color than before. The concept for just a touch of color is still present, however, the color comes through more in this one. We think you are going to love it!
In addition to the gloss balm changes, we have also modified our lip stain. Our next round of lip stain glides on smoother and lasts longer. It will also have a touch of mint to keep you looking great and feeling fresh. They are awesome!
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In celebration of our new look. this month we will be giving away the African Black Soap bar, so be sure to keep an eye out of social media. We are also offering a free shampoo bar with any order of the Healthy Scalp and Hair Growth Drops.

We want to give a special thank you to you all! Many of you are been with us since the beginning and have been watching Kainat evolve. We sincerely value your input and encouragement! Let us know what you think. Give us your thoughts!