The Diet Talk

The Diet Talk

As spring approaches, many of you are probably starting to think about that annual reminder that summer is coming. For most people, you can not help but think about at least a little bit of weight loss. We wanted to share a few tips from our team to help you create a healthy approach that is right for you and that can be worked into a natural lifestyle.


Whether you want intense, strength building exercise or you just want to loose a couple pounds, these are tips to help you make healthy lifestyle choices feel totally natural.

Whether you want intense, strength building exercise or you just want to loose a couple pounds, these are tips to help you make healthy lifestyle choices feel totally natural.

Eating before bed

Some people say to try not to eat a few hours before you go to bed. According to Columbia University Health Services, calories you consume late at night have the same energy value as daytime calories. Although some people swear by this method, we recommend to eat if you are hungry. However, often late night eating involves snacks or food high in sugar or fat. If you tend to be a late night snacky person, be prepared! Keep a snack around that will satisfy you, but has at least some redeeming qualities. My weakness is totally fries, I keep potatoes around and occasionally make lightly fried potatoes wedges in olive oil, so I don't freak out and slam a few orders of fries from the closest greasy spoon. Plus, for me, waking up hungry is not the way I want to start my day. I am far more likely to spend the day chasing my hunger and making poor diet choices.


Choose a varied workout plan and build it up

Don’t try to do everything at once! Start integrating just one workout routine into your week. Once you do this for a few weeks, go ahead and add another, whether it is the same work out, or something different. We recommend having variety, not only because it is good to have stretching exercises, strength building and cardio, but because it will help you stay interested, and heck, you may even find it helps build your confidence. If you get bored with a routine, change it!

exercise outside


Exercise outside!!!

It is not always easy to do this, depending on where you live and the time of year, but being outside for even 15 minutes has been proven to have numerous benefits to your health. Combining this with exercise may even give you more energy, and help clear out some of the clutter in the brain. This baggage can often lead to poor healthy choices, such as drinking to cope, or eating your emotions. I am totally and emotional eater, so if I get worked up over something, taking a short walk can really work wonders. 


Cut out sugary drinks

For real though, this is not that hard, it is one of the easist steps to take, and you can totally do it! The less sugary food and drink you have, the less you body thinks you need it. If you need to take baby steps, try buying 100% juice (that’s no added sugar!) and mixing it with soda water. The water can dilute your juice so you are cutting the sugars in half, plus you still get the bubble effects of soda AND you are drinking food with nutricious benefits. This doesn’t mean you can never have another coke or sweet tea again, you are just trying to kick the habit of several sugary drinks throughout the day.

real food


Plan meals and eat real food

We are all very busy people. No one is going to argue that meal planning can be difficult, but if you can get in the habit, it can end up being a time, and calorie saver. Buy staples in bulk and try to plan at least 2 or 3 days out. Whether you make 2-3 big meals a day, or you graze, have ample food around that will satisfy your cravings but is real food! We find that the quality of the food you eat is more important that the calorie count. Eating real, cream top yogurt with active cultures may have more calories that fat free, sugar free yogurt, but it also is has more health benefits.  As with body care, read you labels and know what it says, the more additives that are in your food, the more likely it is not good for you. It is okay to snack, but we recommend investing you money in snacks that are based on whole foods.