Stock your Pantry for Diet and Skin Care

     We know eating right is not always easy or convenient. As much as we try, our efforts often begin noble until they dwindle down to the next pep talk you give yourself about eating better. 

     Our interest here are not necessarily to promote a certain diet or give weight loss advice, but to remind everyone that lots of raw fruits and vegetable, combined with 4 or more glasses of water a day can greatly improve the health of your skin. Healthy skin typically requires less product and helps save you money too!

     If you missed it, check out our blog on easy meals to incorporate into you week. In addition to that, we wanted to provide you with some great sauces and dressing that you can easily make from scratch and have stocked in your fridge. Healthy choices are always easier when you are prepared. Making your own can save you money and ensure you are getting whole foods without additives or artificial preservatives.We also included a list of foods that are great for healthy cooking, but also double as wonderful, all natural ingredients for fresh skin care that you can easily make right at home. 

easy sauces and vegan dressing


Easy raw dressings and sauces

Avocado Dressing/Dip (For salads, tacos and dipping. It is a nice replacement for cheese)

Vegan Pesto (Try substituting walnuts for pinenuts, or adding arugula)

Easy Peanut Sauce (Great hot or cold, as dressing or for dipping)

Stir Fry Sauces (Try a new one each week so you don't get bored!)

Basic Salad Dressings (Try in quinoa bowls or superfood salads. Substitute plain yogurt for mayo)



Foods to keep in your kitchen


Apple cider vinegar (dilute to use for a toner or hair rinse)

Lemon juice (also great for toning the skin)

Avocado or guacamole (can be used in a mask)

Plain yogurt (Makes a wonderful tightening mask)

Organic coconut oil (Use for oil pulling in teeth whitening or as a moisturizer)

Organic olive oil (for cooking, dressings and moisturizing)