Skin Cleanse Challenge, Day 6

Day 6

 Evening Complexion

Use the African Black Soap to wash your face and full body this morning, or after you work out if you are practicing and exercise routine.

We recommend using Kainat beauty Black Soap to remove impurities and to help keep your complexion even and bright. This bar is great as a natural moisturizing soap that can be part of your morning ritual. You can use it as a full body bar as well. Plus it has a subtle, gentle exfoliating quality.

black soap

Continue to drink at least 4-5 glasses of water (more if you are exercising heavily or are in a hot environment).

If you are experiencing any sort of dryness of the skin, you can introduce the facial moisturizer by applying a few drops to a cotton ball and brushing over the dry areas as needed.

Substitute organic whole foods for at least one meal today (more if you can).

Wash your face before bed with the African Black Soap.