Simple Sustainable Recipes for Healthy Skin

For those of you who are gearing up for our skin cleanse challenge, or are just interested in maintaining beautiful skin, we have compiled some simple meal recommendations for a healthy diet that helps keep your skin clear and practices sustainability. 

The concept behind it is to guide you into a partially raw diet. Loads of studies show that eating raw foods helps the body in so many ways, one of them being your skin. Of course, as our lives get busier, it sometimes seems unobtainable to prepare so many meals, so we made a list of just a few that are easy to weave into your week. We recommend starting out by having one meal a day that incorporats lots of raw fruits and veggies. 

Partnering with to an emphasis on raw food is eating less dairy and meat. Americans often eat meat at each meal, which is way more than most smart diets recommend and also requires more resources to produce, making it somewhat wasteful. We certainly aren't suggesting you shouldn't eat meat at all, but for your health and the health of the planet, limiting it is an all around beneficial act. More importantly, choosing certified organic meats ensure that you are eating quality food that was raised responsible without added chemicals or hormones. All natural food and body care go hand in hand.

Give it a try! Your skin will thank you!

raw fruits and veggie are great for skin



1. Frittata or omelette with veggies and organic eggs (skip the dairy and carbs). Try making frittatas! They are honestly easier than omelettes and feed more people. You can even save a slice for your breakfast the next day. Plus you can put just about anything in them, so they are great for using leftovers.

       Try this:

2. Plain yogurt with fresh fruit, nuts and honey. Obviously there are so many versions of this. It's quick, easy and filling. If you want the most benefits, get organic yogurt, to cream top yogurt so you can be sure you are getting the beneficial probiotics. You can even pre-make your parfaits in mason jars so they are easy to take on the go.

easy yogurt on the go

3. Organic toast with mashed avocado (try sprinkling nutritional yeast on top!). This is also quick, easy, healthy and gets you eating a raw fruit. You can top it with many other ingredients.

     Here are a few:

4. Smoothie with fresh fruit, ginger, lemon juice and a handful of spinach ( add peanut butter for extra protein). Simple! Add a handful of fresh or frozen fruit, rice milk or yogurt, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, grated fresh or ground ginger to taste, honey to taste, and about a cup of raw spinach (or soft, leafy greens). A banana or avocado helps make it creamy. You can also loosen up the smoothie with extra lemon juice or water.


1. Zucchini noodle pasta. Zucchini noodles are an amazing way to add a raw vegetable and keep meals low in carbs. You will need a julienne to shred them. You could even shred a few at the beginning of the week and have them ready to go for pasta substitute or to add to salads.

     Here is a nice recipe. Want to make it even easier? Just buy pre-made pesto without cheese:

2. Raw pad Thai. We love this one! Lot's a flavor, doesn't spoil easily and packed with great raw food. You can even substitute zucchini noodles, bean sprouts or rice noodles in this recipe.

     Try this:

3. Southwestern taco salad. Quick, easy and satisfying, this salad can be altered into a taco or dip as well. Substitute pre-made guacamole or black beans for the "walnut meat." Try it with this avocado dressing! You could even cheat a little and crush some tortilla chips on top!

     Salad Recipe:

Making salmon for dinner? Make a few extra fillets and save for cold salmon wraps or add to salads throughout the week.

Making salmon for dinner? Make a few extra fillets and save for cold salmon wraps or add to salads throughout the week.

4. Salmon lettuce wrap. This is great recipe you can easily alter to keep your palette satisfied. Sub chickpeas for salmon, add different vegetables, or switch out the spices to give it a mediterranean or Thai flair.



1. Wild caught fish with vegetables. Easy. You can do so much with this. Choose local or wild caught (line caught is ideal) fish. Add your favorite seasoning and any vegetables! 

2. Vegetable stir fry (with organic chicken) with brown rice or soba noodle. Avoid store bought sauces and make yours at home. They are super easy and you can whip them up in no time. Here is a nice list of recipes. Make it once and you will find it is easy to alter to taste. You won't need a recipe for long!

     Stir fry sauce:

all natural diet

3. Tacos with raw tomato, peppers, onion and greens (with grilled vegetables or organic meat). Another recipe you can use almost any vegetable in. You can use many types of meat, to make veggies tacos. Top with guacamole or sub cheese for your avocado dressing.

    Here's a great veggie taco recipe:

handmade fresh

4. Quinoa Bowls. Last, but not least! These are another great recipe for leftover veggies and to take on the go for lunch or dinner. Construct a couple of recipes and you can use your creativity to make your own!

     Get started with this one:

Follow up on the Beautiful Together Blog  to see some great dressings and sauces you can keep on hand, as well as tips on stocking your kitchen for your food and your skin care.