5 Ways to Refine Your Routine With Essential Oils

Essential oils have been around for centuries, but only in the past few years have we really seen them take off. We’re seeing tons of people implement them into their daily routines (shoutout to natural beauty bloggers and Instagram!) because they have truly amazing benefits on not only your skin, but your overall health. From balancing out your complexion to balancing out your immune system, whatever your problem area is there is an essential oil out there to mend it.

1. Calm split ends

Ends frizzy and fried from the summer? Instead of using a deep conditioner that will weigh down your locks, reach for some argan oil. The fatty acids plump up your ends and give your hair a natural shine.

Trying to grow out hair for the fall? Use our Healthy Hair Growth Blend to help stimulate the follicle and encourage hair growth. Made with a combination of lavender, rosemary and mint essential oils.

2. Even out skin

Over the counter face washes are packed with chemicals that can cause skin irritation. To even out skin and give you that amazing glow, add rose hip oil and jasmine oil to your daily routine.

3. Lighten lingering dark spots

Products that promise to lighten up pesky dark spots can get pretty pricey and are harsh on the skin. Sweet almond oil is an inexpensive alternative to even out skin tone and lighten up those tough dark spots. Works as the perfect natural exfoliant as well!

4. Brighten your smile

Add a few drops of peppermint essential oil to make homemade or store bought natural toothpastes taste a little bit more bearable!

5. Energize your spirit

When the week seems to be dragging on, try our Energizing Essential Oil Blend to give you that extra boost you need to get you through the week. If you really can’t shake that awful Monday feeling, stimulate and boost your immune system with our Immune System Boost Essential Oil Blend.