4 Easy Tricks to Repurpose Eyeshadow

All Natural Mineral Eyeshadow Palette in Sweet Leaf - $35

All Natural Mineral Eyeshadow Palette in Sweet Leaf - $35

How many times have you bought an expensive eyeshadow palette and only ended up using half of the colors? I for one, have simply lost track. On my quest to be more environmentally friendly and reduce my waste, here’s some simple tips I’ve used for repurposing unused, half used or shattered eyeshadow.

1. Lipstick
Our All Natural Mineral Eyeshadow Palettes are perfect for repurposing into lipstick because they are super pigmented and colorful! Not to mention, they are free of harsh chemicals so you can be worry-free applying to your lips. Simply dab a small amount of vaseline (or Aquaphor) on your wrist, use a brush to mix in your favorite shade and apply! I love this trick because eyeshadows provide vibrant and unique colors that you can’t find in the drugstore lipstick aisle. 

2. Nail Polish
We’ve all had those mornings where we’re in a complete rush, makeup spread on the counter and next thing you know—BOOM—eyeshadow is shattered on the floor. And for those mornings that I’m awake enough to diligently collect the shattered pieces instead of throwing them out, I save them to use in nail polish. I put the shattered pieces into a ziplock baggie and crush them up to become as close to powder as I can. Then I make a makeshift funnel with a piece of paper and funnel in the powder to any clear or white nail polish I have lying around my apartment. This works particularly well with sparkly eyeshadow because who doesn’t love sparkly nail polish?

3. Blush/Highlighter
For shades in my eyeshadow palette that aren’t vibrant enough for my eyes, I save for my cheeks, eyebrows and even on my collarbone. The cream color in our Smokey Eye Palette works as the perfect highlighter when dragged across cheek bones, brow bones and nose with a brush. I found that the darker matte pinks and reds work well as blush. This trick has saved me so much room in my makeup bag while traveling!

4. Eyeliner
On a day-to-day basis, I always stick to the basics when it comes to my eyeliner. Using browns and blacks that leave me looking polished for work. But on the weekends, it’s a different story. To play up the color of my eyes, I love to experiment with different colors and my eyeshadow palette provides me with tons of sparkly, fun options. I dampen a fine point brush in water, dab it into the eyeshadow and apply as close to my lash line as I can. As a brown eyed girl, the magenta color in our All Natural City Girl Palette never fails to make my eyes pop!

Next time you're thinking about ditching a half used eyeshadow palette, I hope you think again. Repurposing your eyeshadows not only helps the environment, but it freshens up your look and gets you thinking about all the other opportunities you have in your daily life to repurpose!