Time for Gratitude

This time of year is the time that everyone makes a point to declare their gratitude and appreciation for many splendid things. Naturally, the list of thanks is endless. This year we want to focus our attention on two places. First, we of course, want to give many, many thanks to the friends, family and customers who have given us so much support over the last year. As with anything, we wouldn't be what we are if it were not for the greater community. We, at Kai-Jo, feel that rebuilding our communities is one of the most important projects we currently face. This means beginning to shift the focus of individual responsibility back to collective responsibility. That means well fed and educated children, prospering local economies, healthy lifestyles and clean environments are not the result or responsibility of a select few, but of all of us, the big Us.

We hope that as you come together with friends and family this year, you take a moment to recognize how your community has helped you and how you in turn have given back. Recognize that when you are aligned with your deeper purpose, it means you are also aligned with the greater purpose of your community. We are so thankful we have not had to go it alone and hope we can share that prosperity with others!

Lastly, for those of you who have been practicing natural health, internally and externally, or for those of you have just started to cross that path, give yourself thanks! Nothing can help the community more than when we take care of ourselves. We believe much of that can come from making choices that are natural and safe. Cheers to us! May we be lifted up even higher from here.